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The most interesting thing about my work is that I don’t know where I’m going. I just keep moving.

Farzad Kohan


My work is very physical
and at the same time,
very fragile.
It’s a search for me
to uncover something new.

Farzad Kohan

Farzad Kohan

Mixed Media Fine Artist


Farzad Kohan’s “Skull Series” reminds us all of the fragility of humanity and how art intersects our daily lives. This image was the cover image for the 2013 Ayyam Gallery’s Catalog for the Young Collectors Auction.

House of Tears

From Farzad Kohan’s daily works on paper project. Internationally known for his “Migration” series,  Farzad captures the life & experiences as an Iranian Immigrant. Much of Farzad Kohan’s work are stories through art  in Los Angeles. This is a work on paper.

Lucky 8

From the streets of Teran to the City of Angels. Farzad Kohan chronicles his life through his personal journey while utilizing Mixed medio.

This Heart Wants You!

Farzad Kohan recognizes the value of keeping your love real and documenting it every chance you get on paper. Examine more Love Letters and other emotions with Farzad Kohan’s Works On Paper.

2013 Mixed Media

Mixed Media 2013 – Represents an extension and subtle growth in the emergence of a mature new style in Middle Eastern Art Work. Designed to capture the romanticism of true love while still reminding the viewer that love is to be admired before it turns into the ghost of your youth. Farzad Kohan brings the complexities of life into his work and invites the viewer to engage with his work.


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